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Not all baits or burley fish oil are equal. Fresh bait is best and frozen bait a close second. There have been times when fish just won't bite on any particular bait no matter what you do. You can change to a different bait or try casting different distances.

 There is nothing you can do to ensure a fish bite, but you can entice them into " tasting" any flavour they can find. Burley fish oil is the answer.

Some fisho's think what the burley fish oil is made from is important when chasing trophy fish. Any burley fish oil is better than none.  I can say getting burley fish oil out to 100m or more from the shoreline is next to impossible. To achieve sending a fish attractant out to where your bait is, we have incorporated within DaCinka, a burley fish oil dispensing cavity.

A "sponge" within the cavity regulates the dispersal rate of the attractant to entice the fish to bite. So, with DaCinka you can now cast your bait and burley fish oil out to where you need it.


Hooks can be expensive. After fishing, don’t throw away the hook you were using.

Check it is still sharp by dragging it along your thumb nail, if it digs in slightly, it is still sharp. Then simply dry the hook after cleaning all the bait off it and place it back in your tackle box.


After having your braid spooled onto your reel by your local sports store and before you give it that first big cast, stop and slow down.

First attach just a sinker and give it a short flick, then rewind it back up. This actually helps you with your first cast by rewinding onto the spool in the manner by the bail arm and ensures your first cast will be ok and not a tangle from machine spooling.


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