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"Tried these amazing sinkers/lures today. Absolutely amazing to cast, at least 30m or so more distance than usual. Packaging is superb. I'm usually pretty skeptical of new fishing stuff with rave reports from site owners but these guys have certainly done their research. Can't give a high enough recommendation"

- Ian Davis

"Truly amazing performance. I will be using them in the next Taranaki comp"

- Robert J Browning

"I took your sinker out for a test drive tonight. Not the greatest conditions to fish but thought what the hell good way to test it out. Over all opinion, pretty bloody awesome. Casts a pretty long way and love the way it pops up to the top when you bring it back in, great for a stoney beach like ours.

- Aaron Todd

"I have used DaCinka with bigger baits. Been impressed. The casting was far easier, got better distance and caught fish. Good product"

- Jason Boa

"What a well designed and manufactured product. You have thought of everything from packaging, rig advice and spike retainer. The burley oil bottle a nice extra. You have done everything to have many satisfied customers and I will be repeating my order."

- Andrew McArthur

"Set up my rod with a DaCinka rig off their instructions and couldn't have worked better

- Chris Ratcliffe

"DaCinka is amazing and has helped my casting out no end - I caught a good fish with it this morning. Everyone on the beach is asking me about it"

- Joanne Scott


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