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Our Story

In late 2020, a chance encounter between two individuals with a shared passion for Surfcasting sparked a journey of innovation and determination. Driven by their love for fishing, Dave Lenden and Zane Nicholson came together over a common interest in finding a better solution for sinkers.

Dave, an experienced angler, had faced a significant challenge in his fishing pursuits following an unfortunate accident that resulted in the loss of his right arm. Determined not to let this obstacle hinder his passion for Surfcasting, he began experimenting with various sinkers, wanting to design a sinker that would be easy and effective to use.

Dave developed a prototype that showed immense promise. The sinker not only provided stability during casting but also enhanced the overall fishing experience by minimizing drag and maximizing control. Recognizing the potential impact of this innovation, Dave sought a like-minded collaborator to bring his vision to fruition.

Zane, a fellow fishing enthusiast, was captivated by Dave's invention, recognising its potential to offer a game-changing solution to anglers of all skill levels.

Both Zane and Dave believe DaCinka has the ability to transform fishing and have developed the prototype into a high-quality product that will redefine the surfcasting experience.

They have conducted extensive field testing and enjoyed some fantastic fish dinners for their efforts. They have sought input from fishing communities, engaging with fellow enthusiasts to understand their specific needs and challenges and fine-tuned a surfcasting sinker designed to optimize casting distance, minimise drag, and provide anglers with superior control and precision.


We want to thank all the following people who have worked tirelessly to help us launch DaCinka™

Georgie Armstrong - Graphic Designer

Charlie Grantham - Website Designer

Kathleen Lonergan - Graphic Designer

Hayley McLarin - Compelling PR

Ian Frater - Engineering Extraordinaire

Dave & Lesley Tilleyshort 

Scott Russ - Mentor

Rob Parker - Houhora Fishing Charters

DaCinka™ ... the sinker with attitude


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