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Baiting DaCinka

  1.  After placing the bait on the hook, tear off the appropriate length of tape (about 10-12cm). Lick one end of the tape and stick it to the outside of DaCinka leaving a little bit to fold over the inside of the curved tail.

  2. Place the bait into the tail section as near to the burley oil hole as possible then wrap the tape around the bait and the tail section until you meet the other end of the tape.

  3. Lick the end of the tape that has just wrapped around the bait and stick it to the tape that you have just wrapped. Use the absolute minimum tape as the more tape you use the longer it takes to release the bait. 

  4. Then insert the burley oil by squeezing the bottle until the fluid appears at the top.

How to look after DaCinka

Dave explains how DaCinka comes in the box and how to look after DaCinka.

How to use Burley Oil with DaCinka

Dave explains how to use burley oil with DaCinka



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