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DaCinka 4oz Long Distance Casting Sinker & Biodegradable Tape



Designed for anglers seeking unparalleled performance the Breakaway 4oz DaCinka offers a superior solution to conquer surf and high currents while keeping your bait firmly in place. A highlight of DaCinka is its specially designed cavity, strategically placed to hold and dispense burley oil.

DaCinka is made from Acetal which is a high strength, low friction engineering plastic that has excellent wear properties.

DaCinka is the perfect choice to prevent bait drifting and ensure an efficient fishing experience.

Designed and made in New Zealand.

DaCinka Biodegradable Surfcasting Tape has been designed to ensure that bait stays firmly attached to DaCinka during the forceful cast and the impact of hitting the water. The tape will give way when DaCinka hits the floor of the sea allowing your bait to float freely.

Use the surfcasting tape to wrap and secure the bait to the hook or rig. Check out the video on Tips & Tricks to see how to use it effectively.

30mm x 50m
Approx 400 casts per roll

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